I've heard a lot of people in this studio over the years, and I have to tell you---you have your own thing. I wouldn't have thought of a lot the things that you played.”

— Fred Hersch

Kerry McCoy, who currently resides in Los Angeles, has released a beautiful disc called "Chasing After Shadows", which is a collection of his original songs backed by his own piano playing in a jazz trio setting. It's refreshing to listen to honest music; McCoy's lyrics are heartfelt and unpretentious, and his accompaniment is a great bed on which his melodies can rest. Songs like "A Million Roads" and "Until Tomorrow" and of course the title track are songs not about trite subjects, but about  experience and wisdom. There's also some humor; "You Want Fries With That?" is a silly commentary on how we end up in our stations in life. I won't spoil the surprise, but it's cool because it intersperses the lyrics with some light piano soloing. McCoy also presents "Angel's Sleeping", a lush ballad which I'm guessing is about his young daughter ( who I think is about as old as my son, 3 and halfish). McCoy has a vocal style which is a clear mid tenor. He's no slouch as a pianist, which you will hear in his expert comping and his tasteful solos. ” - George Colligan

Jazztruth (click to article)

McCoy has the chops of a young conservatory graduate and the feel of a seasoned jazz journeyman. He plays with authority, imagination, and an eminently musical touch---offering reassurance about the future of the great American art.” - (Keyboard Magazine)

— Robert L. Doerschuk

A feeling for various sources from the jazz piano tradition artfully incorporated into a personal style. We have here a composer of merit as well as a pianist of substance. His is a talent that deserves exposure.” - (Jazz Times Magazine)

— W. Royal Stokes

There is a great future in modern jazz for this nimble-fingered young pianist and composer.” - (San Francisco Chronicle)

— Bob Keely

Kerry is a very refined composer with a very good grasp of piano styles from stride to the more modern approaches.”

— Ernie Watts

I am very impressed. Yet another bright star appears in the Northwest.”

— Bud Shank

Kerry's approach is excellent both musically and technically and he should be heard by all---especially pianists. Five stars.”

— Carl Fontana


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